FlexiFits is a fabric processing company based in Tarapur, Maharashtra, that operates India’s largest single-roof fabric processing machine, with a capacity of 400,000 metres per day.

FlexiFits manufactures a wide range of fabrics, including cotton, linen, giza cotton, viscose, polyester, tencel, modal, and lycra, as well as their blends, under the labels Bombay Rayon, BRFL, LinenVogue – La CLasse’, Giza Classe’, Dickens & Browne, and others.

FlexiFits is one of the most sought-after fabric manufacturers, having a significant presence in both the B2B and B2C markets, as well as long-standing relationships with top global and domestic garment brands. FlexiFits’s domestic branded fabric distribution network is divided throughout its own EBOs, with over 100 distributors and over 8000 customers.


FlexiFits was incorporated as a separate entity in August 2020 which it hived-off its Yarn Dyeing & Fabric Processing plant located in Tarapur (Maharashtra, India). All the brands were transferred to FlexiFits as part of this slump sale. Post the slump-sale, a consortium of marquee financial investors led by JM Financial India Fund II (an Indian growth private equity fund), Think Investments (a San Francisco-based investment firm), and others infused equity capital into FlexiFits for growth of the business.FlexiFits is a completely separate unit from its parent entity.


To assist its expansion, FlexiFits has little debt and a fully funded balance sheet. FlexiFits is prepared to take the spotlight as an Indian textile manufacturing business that will compete with its worldwide peers, thanks to its capacity to deliver excellent products in short lead times at low prices..


FlexiFits’ strong suits include quality, design, creativity, and quick turnaround. Before being processed in one of India’s most technologically advanced fabric machinery, the raw materials go through a stringent quality control process. FlexiFits professionals examine each fabric before it is released from the factory, following an elaborate process of fabric making in our cutting-edge infrastructure..

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